Monday, February 22, 2010

Sex God

"Sex God" by Rob Bell

Another great book by Rob Bell. Again, I know he is controversial but I think he is a great writer and he makes me think. I even read all of the endnotes. And he quotes so many other books that my to-read list keeps growing and growing! This book is about the connection between sexuality and spirituality. It is really fascinating. I think I could fill this blog with quotes as I did a lot of underlining but here are two, "Because how you treat the creation reflects how you feel about the Creator." Profound. That might just change how I treat that person that cut me off or the bum on the street. And quote two, "Because with every decision, conversation, gesture, comment, action, and attitude, we're inviting heaven or hell to earth." I am sure not all of my words, actions or attitudes have brought heaven to earth but that is what I want to strive for. Because of God shining through me, I could be a little piece of heaven for someone. This book has scripture to back it up and lots of history to bring the scripture to life. Read it, you won't be sorry.

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  1. Corrie - Vince and I are going through a relationship series with our high school group - I saw your post about this book and just downloaded it for my Kindle. Thanks for the recommendation! Lorissa