Monday, December 8, 2014

And Then Came the Angels

"And Then Came the Angels" by Beth Gayle

If you haven't noticed, I love an inspiring book, a book with tragedy turned to triumph.  This is such a story.  The author is the mother of a young man who was shot in the head with a shotgun in a hunting accident.  This book tells the long and hard journey of recovery and the faith it took to get through.  It is an amazing story of strength and God's divine hand of healing.  I appreciated the mothers honesty of the emotions that she experienced and how she clung to Jesus in her desperate times.  An amazing recovery happened that was nothing short of a miracle.  Gip, the son, overcame huge hurdles, pushed through great struggles and had the faith to move mountains.  If you need an inspiring book to read or need to be reminded that prayer works, read this book.