Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Breaker's Reef

"Breaker's Reef" by Terri Blackstock

This is book #4 in the Cape Refuge Series, the last book. And again, it was a thrilling as the first. In this book a famous mystery writer moves to Cape Refuge. A teenage girl is found murdered and a scene in the novel matches the crime scene, exactly. Then a second murder happens and the police chief is a suspect. In this book the couple that have been forming a relationship since book one finally tie the knot. I am usually pretty good at predicting plots and I thought I had this one tagged but literally in the very last ten pages of the book I was thrown for a loop that I never saw coming, it was great! I love it when the books ending is unpredictable. I would strongly recommend all four of the books in this series and any other book by this author.

River's Edge

"River's Edge" by Terri Blackstock

This is book #3 in the Cape Refuge Series. I really like the author and how she uses God's grace in her books. I was just as captivated in this book as her first two. A mayoral candidate's wife goes missing and he is the prime suspect. The police chief's thinks foul play is involved. There is love, strife, murder, mystery, alleged affair and struggles with infertility. All of this is woven together in one page turning book. There is a part in the book that talks about putting on the armor of God. A mom would "put on" the armor of God on her girls before they went to school. I think this is a great way to teach children about the armor. Here also is an explanation, "the helmet of salvation, you got that the minute you gave your life to Christ. You don't have to pretend to put some imaginary steel cap on your head. It's already there. The belt of truth is in God's Word. You get it from studying it, learning it, knowing what is says. The breastplate of protection because you exchanged your sins for Christ's righteousness, and your shoes of the gospel of peace you get buy studying God's Word and making it a part of you. Spreading the Word, telling others about the peace you've found. You have something they need. You strengthen the shield of faith by studying God's Word as if it were your very lifeline. Because it is. As you get to know the Word of God, front to back, layer upon layer, hunger for it, breathe it and the sword will get sharper and more effective." I loved that explanation and how practical it is.

Bearing The Body

"Bearing The Body" by Ehud Havazelet

Let me start by saying please don't read this book. I really can't even tell you what this book is about. I can't even come up with a plot or any reason at all why the author wrote this book. It would be a complete waste of your time to pick it up, this is your warning. I wanted to put it down so many times and don't know why I kept at it. I finished it and was just as confused as when I had started it. An adult son is killed and his estranged brother and father come to find out why he died. It is a very dysfunctional book with very dysfunctional characters who as far as I can tell come no closer to resolving anything or being better people by the end of the book. So, again, don't even attempt this one.