Friday, July 8, 2011

A Very Special Delivery

"A Very Special Delivery" by Linda Goodnight
Another freebie for the Kindle. This was a feel good book with a happy ending. It was a light read but I enjoyed the way God's truths were presented. It is about a woman named Molly who has seen how fragile life can be and thus she has become a recluse. A stanger takes shelter at her home during a severe snow storm and restores her faith in God, herself and others. "But, honey, you can't keep living in fear this way. Fear is the oppostie of faith." I don't know anyone who hasn't stuggles with fear, some more than others. I am always reciting the verse that God does not give me a spirit of fear but of power, love and sound mind. Faith in God overcomes all fear. "A gift without sacrifice is not much of a gift." The truly wonderful gifts to receive are the gifts that came from the heart, the ones you know took sacrifice. The best being God dying on the cross for us, talk about sacrifice. "See those mirrors on your truck? God doesn't have those. Some people do, but God don't. He never looks back at what you've done, only forward to the good your're doing now. There's no Reverse in God's Kingdom." What a great way to look at God and remember He casts our sin as far as the east is from the west. I need to strive to do the same with the people I love, hold no record of wrong, don't look back but only to the good they are doing now.

Fools Rush In

"Fools Rush In" by Janice Thompson
Alright this was another free book on my Kindle but at the end of the book I found out it was the first in a series. So I guess that is how they get you hooked, give you the first book for free and make you pay for the others. This was such a fun, light hearted book. I love weddings (and I've coordinated a few), what girl doesn't? The family in this book just makes you laugh and not take your family so seriously. Bella Rossi is thirty and just got handed the families wedding planning business. She decides to do themed weddings and her first is a country one. She knows nothing about country music but finds true love, appreciation for her family and their differences, confidence and humor through coordinating her first successful, not without mishaps, wedding. "Funny how one event can change absolutely everything." Bella's life changed from this one wedding but I know many lives that are changed due to some tragic event. Makes me want to take this day for all that it is worth. "Compromise, it was the stuff relationships were made of. Good relationships, anyway." Compromise isn't easy when you are stuck in your ways but it sure does make life easier. I have learned it with my husband, with my children and even in my friendships. "You never know what new roads He has for you unless you open yourself up to the possibilities." New roads are scary, I don't like change too much but it helps me to remember that God goes before, with and after me. New roads can't be all that scary then.


"Sisters" by Kathleen Thompson Norris
This book was free for my Kindle! And yes, I actually liked it, bonus. It was about two sisters and their differences and their similarities. Their mother died in child birth and they were raised by their father. It is about loss, expectations, romance and marriage. This book is not a happily ever after book and that is probably why I liked it. It is not a typical romance novel by any means. One sister marries too young and finds herself in a marriage without love. The other sister marries to please her father. I appreciated the honesty in this book. Some reviews said this was the most depressing book they ever read but I just found it to be honest and more like life instead of a fairy tale. So if you like happy endings, be warned, don't read this book.

This Side of Heaven

"This Side of Heaven" by Karen Kingsbury
I have read books by this author before and really enjoyed her. She is real and honest about life but truthful about God's promises. This book is about a grown son who has made some poor choices. He has put his life on hold waiting for a settlement from being hit by a drunk driver. His parents are disappointed in him but they do not know all that their son has strived for. And sometimes we have to settle for the good, This Side of Heaven. This book took a turn that I didn't expect which I liked. It also opened my eyes yet again to never judge someone till I know the whole story and to actually take the time to listen. So often I pretend I am listening yet I am dividing my attention with a task also. I want to be a intentional listener, going deeper than just words. Don't miss the opportunity to listen to your loved ones, you never know when it will be to late.