Wednesday, February 17, 2010

At First Sight

"At First Sight" by Nicholas Sparks

If you have read my blog before you already know that I am a HUGE fan of Nicholas Sparks. Somehow I missed a few of his books down the line, this was one of them. And like all his books, it too is a winner. Man this guy can write. This story is about a man who never intends to love again after a failed marriage but alas he does. And just when he thinks life all is right with the world again, something happens. (You will have to read for yourself just what that "something" is.) I love how Nicholas makes the characters so real, such every day people that could live next door. I appreciate how he doesn't waste time on the details of scenery, nothing irritates me more. Favorite quote, "I love you more than there are fishes in the sea, and higher than the moon." That is a big love and I think it is a love that we all want to give and get in return.

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