Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Danny Gospel

"Danny Gospel" by David Athey

This is a very different book as it is written through stream of consciousness. It is a little hard to follow because of this. The author does a very good job of it though. It is like you are inside the mind of Danny Gospel and you go from one bunny trail to the next, skipping along with him hoping in the end it all connects, and it does, in the end. Danny sang spirituals with his family when he was young but after all of his family dies tragic deaths nothing seems to work out for him and all that he wants is a normal happy life. The reader joins with him in trying to find this life and realizing that sometimes God is in your own back yard. "If you sing your life, you pray it twice, through the dark days and the sun filled nights. All of creation groans. And everywhere there's a reverie."

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