Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Bird Sisters

"The Bird Sisters" by Reecca Rasmussen

I'm not sure why but this was on my to read list. After reading it I can't quite figure out why or what the point of the book is. It's not a bad read, just not a great one. It is about two sisters who help birds who have become hurt. It explains the story of how this came to be. A summer where the course of their lives would change forever. A summer when their dad was in an accident, their mother lost hope, a cousin who came to visit and a boy who fell in love. A summer when all would change and their hearts would be forever broken. A summer when they would choose to make sacrifices. "Time had a funny way of moving when you didn't want it to and standing still when you did." Isn't that the truth? Some day just drag on and you just want them to be over with already. Then you look back and a year or two has gone by already. Time is a funny thing. "Language failed to describe the simplest of phenomena; a fine sunset, for example, was more than fine." Words often fail to describe what we feel or how we see something. So often there just isn't a word for the sadness we feel when a loved one is hurting or the pride we feel in our kids or the joy in our Lord. Sometimes words are just so inadequate. "Happiness felt like freedom. Sadness felt like the opposite." Happiness and joy is so freeing. Sadness is so heavy sometimes that it literally makes you feel weighed down. "That was one of the few marvelous things about aging-Twiss could travel from here to there without having to go anywhere at all. Her memories were her suitcases, and her mind her passport..." Our minds, our memories can take us many places in the comfort of our own homes. "I know what Fruit Roll-Ups are, although she didn't know why they were sold as healthy snacks for children when they were heaped full of preservatives that were engineered in laboratories hundreds of miles from the nearest fruit tree." I just thought that was too funny and so spot on. I do like that this book is about sisters. Sisters who love each other and sacrifice for each other. Sisters who protect each other and grow old together. It is a book about love and the hurts we endure and the lengths we go to to protect those we love.