Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ketchup is a Vegetable

"Ketchup is a Vegetable" by Robin O'Bryant

I got this book from my sis who is a brand new momma. This book is hilarious! Every momma should read this, every single momma. This book will make you laugh out loud. This book will remind you that you are not alone and your children aren't the only ones who do unthinkable things. The book is written by a momma with three little girls. It is a totally honest book written about the things children do and the days us mommas endure. The honesty and truthfulness of this book make it so funny. Trust me, you want to read it. It is an easy read and one you will want to pass on to every mother you know. One of my favorite lines from the book, "Every day there is an opportunity to let God use your children to sand off your own rough edges, making you more like them and ultimately more like Him".