Monday, February 22, 2010

Sex God

"Sex God" by Rob Bell

Another great book by Rob Bell. Again, I know he is controversial but I think he is a great writer and he makes me think. I even read all of the endnotes. And he quotes so many other books that my to-read list keeps growing and growing! This book is about the connection between sexuality and spirituality. It is really fascinating. I think I could fill this blog with quotes as I did a lot of underlining but here are two, "Because how you treat the creation reflects how you feel about the Creator." Profound. That might just change how I treat that person that cut me off or the bum on the street. And quote two, "Because with every decision, conversation, gesture, comment, action, and attitude, we're inviting heaven or hell to earth." I am sure not all of my words, actions or attitudes have brought heaven to earth but that is what I want to strive for. Because of God shining through me, I could be a little piece of heaven for someone. This book has scripture to back it up and lots of history to bring the scripture to life. Read it, you won't be sorry.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

At First Sight

"At First Sight" by Nicholas Sparks

If you have read my blog before you already know that I am a HUGE fan of Nicholas Sparks. Somehow I missed a few of his books down the line, this was one of them. And like all his books, it too is a winner. Man this guy can write. This story is about a man who never intends to love again after a failed marriage but alas he does. And just when he thinks life all is right with the world again, something happens. (You will have to read for yourself just what that "something" is.) I love how Nicholas makes the characters so real, such every day people that could live next door. I appreciate how he doesn't waste time on the details of scenery, nothing irritates me more. Favorite quote, "I love you more than there are fishes in the sea, and higher than the moon." That is a big love and I think it is a love that we all want to give and get in return.

Cracking The Communication Code

"Cracking the Communication Code" by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs

I am a big fan of Dr. Emerson. I read his Love and Respect book and I would recommend it to everyone, married or not. He has some very simple tools to help understand the opposite sex. He is funny and backs up everything with scripture. His books make you think but don't leave your head hurting with too much information. This book is about being able to speak your mate's language. Favorite quote, "Every word you speak to your mate provides you with the opportunity to show your heart to God." He says to picture Jesus standing behind your spouse when you talk to them. Wow! That one made me stop and think. What am I saying to my husband or even my children for that matter, is it uplifting and encouraging? Would Jesus approve? He is there and He is listening. It is time I start remembering that.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Danny Gospel

"Danny Gospel" by David Athey

This is a very different book as it is written through stream of consciousness. It is a little hard to follow because of this. The author does a very good job of it though. It is like you are inside the mind of Danny Gospel and you go from one bunny trail to the next, skipping along with him hoping in the end it all connects, and it does, in the end. Danny sang spirituals with his family when he was young but after all of his family dies tragic deaths nothing seems to work out for him and all that he wants is a normal happy life. The reader joins with him in trying to find this life and realizing that sometimes God is in your own back yard. "If you sing your life, you pray it twice, through the dark days and the sun filled nights. All of creation groans. And everywhere there's a reverie."

The Gift

"The Gift" by Rickard Paul Evans

What a sweet, touching, simple book. An easy, feel good read. It is about a boy who finds he can heal people but in doing so he becomes sick. When we give to people sometimes it takes from us but if we give from the heart I believe that what it takes is worth it. I have come to discover that everything, everything involves some sort of sacrifice. Even our dreams involve giving something else up. Sometimes it is hard to figure out what is worth that sacrifice. But I have been told the very best things in life are worth it. Two quotes that I liked, "All miracles are an expression of love" and "We're all moons. Some are just better at hiding their dark sides." If you want a simple pick me up story this is the one to read.