Friday, January 22, 2010

Cold Tangerines

"Cold Tangerines" by Shauna Niequist

My bestest curly haired friend gave this to me for Christmas. The book is about finding God in every day life. When we do this there is light, hope, love and joy that we couldn't see before. I know that I get bogged down with preparing meals, cleanup, school, discipline, finances and taking care of my family that I forget to see God amidst my busyness. I want to stop. I want to see Him in my every day. I long for this. I long to not live from task to task doing the mundane. I want to remember that God is here, even in the mundane, don't you? "But I'm learning to just keep moving, keep walking, keep taking teeny tiny steps. And it's in those teeny tiny steps and moments that I become, actually, who I am. We won't arrive. But we can become. And that's the most hopeful thing I can think of." I need to become because I know I will never, ever arrive. Who is God asking me to become? Who is God asking you to become?

Velvet Elvis

"Velvet Elvis" by Rob Bell

I got given this book by a dear friend of mine. I admit I devoured it in a measly 4 hours. I have been told that Rob Bell is controversial and I can see why. I have been told to be careful who you loan this book too. But I will say that it rocked me, it changed me and it touched me so that I wanted to scream from my roof. Books get to me, I love them but this book moved me to want to ask all who are close to me to read it. I want to talk about it and to discuss it with all who will listen. Matthew and I have discussed it, I called my friend who read it and talked with him about it, I told my parents and they bought it to read too. For me who has been a Christian since I was little, growing up in the church and reading the Bible for what feels like forever it brought the scriptures back to life. Rob knows a lot about the history and times of the Bible. He really breathed life into the words for me, it was like they were new again and I was reading them for the first time. Part of me feels a little ashamed that this book spoke to me so much because of the controversy but if God spoke to me in the midst I shouldn't be ashamed. I can't begin to explain the feelings that welled up in me when reading this book. You will have to read it and decide for yourself. As with every book I read I glean from it what I can and question what I don't understand so that I find truth and leave behind the rest. One of my favorite quotes, "You rarely defend the things you love. You enjoy them and tell others about them and invite others to enjoy them with you. Have you ever seen someone pull a photo out of their wallet and argue about the supremacy of this particular loved one? Of course not. They show you the picture and give you the opportunity to see what they see." This should be what we do with our faith, exemplifying Christ and letting others see what we see.