Monday, January 2, 2012

Life Support

"Life Support" by Robert Whitlow

A man falls from a cliff and is barely hanging on to life. His wife wants to pull the plug to keep her secrets. His father wants him alive for money. Alexia Lindale the lawyer takes on the biggest case of her life, a case of life and death. This book starts out going right into the action and keeps you turning pages throughout then leaves you hanging at the end (but don't worry there is a second book). "Why couldn't the same mighty rushing wind blow onto these shores? Wasn't Jesus Christ the Lord of the whole earth?" I think sometimes we hear of miracles afar and believe they don't happen in our lives just somewhere else. But Jesus is the Lord of the whole earth and He does do miracles in our everyday lives, sometimes we just have to look harder for them. "Faith and the presence of Jesus is the recipe for miracles." "Jesus doesn't seek adoration because he's insecure. He receives it because he's worthy." And oh how worthy He is. "I hope people see a reflection of Jesus when they meet me. That's how God works. He uses people to show the world what He's like." I am often times not a good example to the world of who Jesus is but I continually pray that He would shine brighter and brighter in me. "As a Christian, I believe my relationship with God should satisfy me, and in many ways it does, but the link between a husband and wife is unique in the universe." Marriage is a means to holiness and that bond is incredible when the spouse is chosen by God. This book was a good read and wasn't too predictable. If you like a little lawyer, love and mystery this book is for you.

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