Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Christmas Promise

"The Christmas Promise" by Donna VanLiere

The last read of my Christmas break. Another quick, fun and uplifting read. It was filled with so many good tidbits. "This story is about how a promise from one person to another shows us the true meaning of faith, remembrance, and love." A promise can be a big thing to keep and Gloria waited seven years for her promise to be fulfilled but she never lost hope. She moved from the painful life she once knew to a new town where she helps those in need and where her past collides with her future. "Maybe that's what the truth does, it beats the living hell out of us until we do something about it." Truth will have its way of finding the light. "Shame is a bully; it likes to hang around, tapping us on the shoulder from time to time; then it pounds us in the face." And God never meant for us to be filled with shame, He takes those burdens, those ashes and turns them into beauty.

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