Monday, January 2, 2012

Life Everlasting

"Life Everlasting" by Robert Whitlow

I picked up this book as soon as I finished the first because I needed to know how it would all end. Baxter, after falling off a cliff, opened his eyes for the first time in months. But the battle is just beginning. Sometimes it takes a battle to bring things into the light. Alexia Lindale is the lawyer who needs to find her way through the deception yet not give up on her client. "I believe the universe is in the hands of the Lord as Creator. If that's true, then there is a divine connection between sounds, words, pictures, music, and all other forms of creativity that are submitted to His authority. Our job is to find practical ways in which God can use our creative gifts to advance His kingdom on earth." How can my gifts be used by Him? How can yours? I don't think there is anything more fulfilling than using the gift that God gave you and giving it back to Him by using it for His glory. "No matter the past, the eternal future belonged to the God who lived outside time. In that future, enemies could embrace as friends; those separated by hate could enter into glorious unity." And oh what a day that will be.

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