Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blink of an Eye

"Blink of an Eye" by Ted Dekker

This book is about a Saudi princess whose father has arranged a marriage for political gain, yet she is secretly in love to another. She finds herself escaping to California and on the run with a man she has never met, a genius named Seth. A massive manhunt closes in on them and their futures are in the balance. This was a fascinating story filled with drama, love and page turning thrills. another book I couldn't put down. The main point of this story is that love changes everything, everything we do, say and live for. The book is also being made into a movie that I am looking forward to seeing. I also appreciate the insight into Middle Eastern culture and it prompted me to look at how I see those who live there and all that is being fought for. Does love change they way I see what is happening there and the people that live there? It should and after reading this book it does.

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