Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Edge of Eternity

"Edge of Eternity" by Randy Alcorn

I wasn't to sure about this book and it took me about 5 chapters to really get into it but then I was fascinated. This book is about a man who gets a glimpse into the afterlife while he is still alive and then gets a second chance at life. It was a bit too much fantasy at first for me but then I realized that it was the authors take on what heaven would be like and I began to appreciate his analogies. "Was death a comma or a period-a pause in our existence or the end?" "There is no such thing as a private moment. The whole cosmos is our audience for everything we do in the dark" This quote resonated with me. It is scary but true. We think that we do things in private or secretly but God is always watching and everything we do has consequences, good or bad, in the next world. "You may or may not separate yourself from your possessions now, but you will surely be separated from them later. Do it now and you'll be free to serve the King." We cannot wholly serve God when we serve our possessions, drop them and serve with out burden. The author used the analogy of a tapestry to how we see our lives. While we are here on earth we see our lives like the back of the tapestry, with knots, frayed edges and lumps. When we get to heaven we are able to look at our lives from the top of the tapestry. We see the design and the beauty. "A short period of difficulty is a small price to pay for a clearer view of your King." If difficulty allows me to see Jesus more clearly than I don't want to complain about difficulties in my life again (although I know I most certainly will).

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