Monday, January 24, 2011

Above The Line Series

"Take One"; "Take Two"; Take Three" and "Take Four" by Karen Kingsbury

I have really enjoyed reading numerous Karen Kingsbury books and I sped through this series. She really has a way of writing about characters that makes you think you know them and she also writes about stories that happen today, they are so relevant. This series is about two men who are filmmakers and decide to make movies that make a difference. In the midst of making this movie they find out that the risk may be too great. What are they willing to sacrifice? How much will they trust? Is this even from God? So many lives are intertwined in this series and you will just want to keep reading till you finish the series. "Ministry of any kind came at a price, and trials were part of the cost." What a poignant statement, ministry does come at a price and few are willing to pay it. "Never enough time to love the way you want to love." I don't want to regret at the end of my life that I didn't love enough. Some days are harder but I want to love with all I've got. "The key to life isn't looking for a safe sameness with every passing season. It's learning to enjoy the ride, whatever the next turn in the road might bring. Believing that God's driving, and He'll get us home safely-however bumpy the trip." I would appreciate a less bumpy ride but I do have to trust God knows what He is doing, no matter how bumpy. "Their deaths had come too early, but the number of days in their lives hadn't mattered nearly as much as the life in their days." There have been a few deaths in my life this last year but I will remember the life in their days more than anything. "People had a way of ruining God for those who really needed Him. But that wasn't God's fault." Lots of people turn away from God because of what another believer said or did. No of us want to be stumbling blocks, but all of us stumble. I pray that others will see Jesus despite my stumbling.

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