Monday, August 31, 2009

Quick, Before the Music Stops

"Quick, Before the Music Stops" by Janet Carlson

This book was an okay read. It is about a woman who was a professional ballroom dancer in her twenties but gave it up for a family. When her marriage is falling apart her husband gives her lessons for Valentines day and she finds life lessons through her dance lessons. It has many good life lessons but was a bummer because she realized them too late, or so she thought, to save her marriage. It seems quite a few of the boks that I have been reading lately have to do with marriages failing and by the time I read this book I was tired of people giving up, but that is just a side note. Here are a few quotes I liked: "One of your best qualities is your stick-to-it-ive-ness. That's why you get wrapped around the axle as opposed to just flopping down on the road underneath it." Most people just lie down and take what is coming, I hope that I am wrapped around instead of flopping down and taking it. I am such a planner, I am always one step ahead. I have come to realize that in this strength is my weakness. I have a problem being present in the moment. So does the woman in this book. "I've been mesmerized occasionally by the notion of living in the moment, recognized its importance, and I do see how living my life in the future, with a to-do list in my hand and worry in my heart, means-and here comes the existential panic-that I'm not really living." I really need to take the quote to heart. I am trying more to live in the moment, to really enjoy the moments with my girls, it just isn't easy for me, it doesn't come naturally. Alright, last quote: "Unlike locks, boundaries aren't for keeping people out. They're for knowing who you are." I just like that one, we all need help with boundaries and this helps me to see them for what they are, something good not bad.

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