Monday, March 22, 2010

Postmarked Heaven

"Postmarked Heaven" by Jack Cavanaugh

This book is letters written from four different characters that have died and gone to heaven. They write letters to encourage those of us on earth to keep strong and to keep living for God. I thought it was an interesting concept so that is why I got the book. It lacked a little but it was insightful. It was fun to think about how great it would be to receive a letter from a loved one in heaven and how that truly would encourage me to keep on keeping on. I loved one letter that talked about heavenly treasures. It told of the woman going to Jesus to get her heavenly treasures and there was a room so full of people that she couldn't even see them all. She didn't know most of them or even recognize any of them. But one person stepped up that she remembered and he told his story of how he was encouraged by her. Then another person stepped up to say how they were encouraged by him and one by one they all came forward, every person in that room was her treasure! Because of one kind word all those people were affected and they became her treasure. It made me think about all the "things" we have in this world and how they mean nothing. I need to be more intentional with my words and actions so my treasure room in heaven is overflowing with those that I have touched through Jesus!

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