Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cape Refuge and Southern Storm

"Cape Refuge" and Southern Storm" by Terri Blackstock

This was a two in one book. A very large book that I couldn't put down and raced through. It has a little bit of mystery, crime-drama and love all thrown together. There are also two more books in this series that I am going to have to get my hands on. The books are set on a little island town. The first book is about a double murder then rocks the little town. The second book continues the lives of the characters when another murder occurs. The books also involve faith and how God is still present even in the midst of grief and heartache. The second book talked a lot about Numbers 35 in the Bible and the cities of refuge. It was very interesting to me and something that I hadn't read about and want to do more reading on. "...that God makes provision for accidents." I'm sure glad He does because I make a lot of them!

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