Monday, March 24, 2014

Wake the Dawn

"Wake the Dawn" by Lauraine Snelling

I just happened to pick this book up at the library.  Most of the time I am not dissapointed when I am just looking through the shelves and grab a book.  This book did not dissapoint and in fact kept me turning pages.  The story is about a small town that gets hit by a big storm.  Ben is a border patrolman who lost his wife and turned to the bottle.  Esther is the only physician in town and has an emotional battle she is hiding.  Both are forced to work together during the storm under stressful circumstances and with little supplies.  An abandoned baby might just turn Ben from the bottle and his heart might just heal Esther.  A story of the force of love and friendship.  "I can't help you walk if I'm still crippled.  I want to help you."  When we become healthy, whole people, it is our turn to help others find that same healing.  This was a quick and rewarding read.  

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