Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Sisters

"The Sisters" by Nancy Jensen

I picked this book up at the library.  It had  a tea cup on the front and I'm partial to tea cups, I'm an avid tea drinker.  It is about sisters whose mother has passed away and they are left with their step father.  They only have each other as he is a threat to them.  The older sister has good intentions that go terribly wrong and divide the sisters and future generations to come.  It is about family and secrets and where they lead us.  "Some damage could never be undone.  One could only try to stand, take another's arm, and stagger on."  Some damage can't be undone but I believe we can help each other and through God continue on and heal.  "So this is what a soul feels like, Alma thought-weightless but solid, a mystery that could warm beyond its warmth.  Here was love that expanded.  Love that multiplied, past measure."  She was holding her new grand baby.  "Millions of years of human life, and still there was no more arduous battle than crossing the border into someone else's heart.  Or to stand aside and wave him across your own.  Maybe it wasn't possible to know another person, not entirely.  Maybe it wasn't possible to do more than show the desire to know, offering some sort of symbol, creating a touchstone."  Love is hard, matters of the heart can be messy as they say.  We need to tread carefully with one another.  I want those with my heart to tread carefully.  "Whatever we carry inside us shapes everyone we touch."  Our hurts, happiness, sadness and whatever else affects those we come in touch with.  I liked this book.  I liked the truth in it.  It's a good read.

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