Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Deepest Waters

"The Deepest Waters" by Dan Walsh
My dad bought me this book for my birthday because on the cover it said, "Walsh demonstrate that, like Nicholas Sparks, men are capable of writing romantic fiction.", and my dad knows I love Nicholas Sparks. This was a great book! It is about a couple taking their honeymoon aboard a steamship only to be separated due to a hurricane. All the women and children are rescued but the men are lost with the ship. She faces a devastating loss but must face life alone. There are a lot of twists to the story and lots of happy endings. This book is also inspired by real events and real people. "But it was the way he looked at her. She had never seen such a look in a man's eyes; it was something she had only cherished in books." Since I am an avid book reader I love this line. We read so much in books and sometimes believe it only happens there, within pages and not in real life. "But if Jesus can make my heart free, can't no man make a slave of me." We can all be slaves of something or someone but when Jesus is in our hearts we are free indeed. "My life, before discovering your love, was like a harsh journey up a steep incline, only to reach a landing and find myself staring out at the most magnificent view. Your love has been breathtaking. I hadn't lived before you came, merely existed." This is the kind of love we all search for and the kind of love God gives, freely to all. Read this book and be inspired by love, the will to live and God's miracles.

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