Monday, November 21, 2011

Fatal Convictions

"Fatal Convictions" by Randy Singer
A part time pastor and lawyer takes a case of a Islamic man convicted of honor killing two people because he believes he is innocent. Soon all the evidence is stacking up against his client and he wonders if he just made the biggest mistake of his life. Not only is it a fight for his career but it just might be a fight for his life too. This book keeps you guessing and honestly I didn't put it together till the very end. It kept me intrigued and interested as there were some twists and turns. "The test of faith is not just whether it helps you live well, the real test of faith is whether it allows you to die well." I know that I want to die well and I have seen death both ways. My father in law died well, knowing that he was in God's hands and so thankful for his life, his family and friends and telling others about Him till he took his last breath. Faith to its fullest is faith lived out till death. "Often, the most dangerous deception was the one that looked most like the truth." Isn't that how the devil works?

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