Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Journey To The Well

"Journey to the Well" by Diana Walllis Taylor
This story is based on the Bible character of the woman at the well in John 4. In the Bible there is not much said about this woman, not even her name. This book is a novel and took lots of liberties but the author really tried to hold true to her being a Samaritan woman. It brought this story to life for me and left me wanting to know about the real woman, I guess I will have to wait for heaven for that. In the book it talks about the 5 husbands that she had and why she had so many. The Bible only says that she has five husbands which left me to think that she wasn't living a very Godly life but the book portrayed it differently. She lost many of her husbands to death, tragic deaths. "Death had claimed so much from her." After all the loses that she went through it had taken its toll on her. "Husband, you are the light of my life and the keeper of my heart. No man could take your place, ever." She says this to her third husband whom had her heart from the beginning. I want my husband (and I think he is) to be the keeper of my heart. "We cannot stop life as we cannot stop the wind that blows." Oh how I wish that I could just stop time sometimes, but we can't and we have to be satisfied with the days that God gives us. "There was a love, not the love of the body, but love of the soul that radiated from His eyes. He seemed to know her very life, and yet she saw no condemnation in His voice or His manner." She thought this as she met Jesus for the first time. He does know our very life, down to every thought and yet He doesn't condemn, amazing. I would recommend this book even though it is a novel it brings new light to the story in the Bible.

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