Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Wednesday Letters

"The Wednesday Letters" by Jason F. Wright

I received this book for my birthday from my parents. My dad is excellent at picking out books that I love, he knows me oh so well. And yes, I really enjoyed this book. It is about a man who writes letters to his wife every Wednesday. When he and his wife die their children find the letters and discover so much they didn't know about their parents and about themselves. It truly makes you want to start writing letters. I love that the epilogue is written by hand and put in an envelope at the back of the book. I think it was a very clever way to end the book. I enjoyed this story of love, discovery and forgiveness. I am thinking of writing my own "Wednesday letters". Here is a quote that I liked from one of the letters, "Sometimes my best isn't good enough, sometimes I need a little more, that's why my Father has sent me here, to learn to ask of the Lord. I must learn to ask of the Lord, in all that I do. Yes, I will learn to ask of the Lord, and all my dreams will come true."

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