Thursday, October 29, 2015

One More Step

One More Step by Bonner Paddock

This is a courageous book about Bonner who has CP and is willing to push past his limits to show the world that we should not limit people with disabilities.  He finds meaning in helping others after living a life that left him empty.  A life where he never showed his weaknesses, never spoke of his CP until one day he met a little boy fighting a much harder fight with the same disease.  Bonner's perspective changed and he bagan to be a face for CP, helping children with this disease here and overseas.  This book tells the tale of his climb of Kilimanjaro and becoming an Ironman.  "We have a choice in our lives.  We can be content with where we are, or we can set goals and continue to push ourselves beyond our limits."  When we push ourselves we truly find out what we are made of, what we can really accomplish.  "Sometimes knowing too much of what lies ahead makes a challenge doubly difficult."  Just one foot in front of the other, look straight ahead, don't be distracted by others, run your race.  "My ability to fight my own fight was the only thing that owuld separate defeat from triumph."  We get caught up in comparison and competing with others when we really just need to be able to beat ourselves and run our own race.  This was an inspirational book with a great message of helping others and not limiting people.  

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  1. Bonner's perspective changed and he bagan to be a face for CP