Monday, October 19, 2015

A Lucky Life Interrupted

"A Lucky Life Interrupted" by Tom Brokaw

 Tom Brokaw is a famous news reporter.  He has lead a life of many blessings, worked hard to accomplish his goals and been able to meet and be at many famous history making events.  He writes about his diagnosis and journey with cancer.  His lucky life interrupted by cancer, something that he didn't expect, no one does.  He writes with honesty and with positiveness about this journey that so many are on.  "The emotional and financial turmoil, the complete immersion of the family in the struggle to find relief, the utter unfairness of it all, adds up to a price no one should have to pay."   The price of cancer is high, it's a battle so many face.  And as in every strugle there is a lesson to be learned, things  and people to be thankful for, and gratefulness to find.  "These are the cycles of life.  We lose a member of a family and another comes along to renew the continuity, a chain of death and birth that has been under way since the arrival of upright man."  

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