Monday, September 28, 2015

Every Day I Fight

"Every Day I Fight" by Stuart Scott

Stuart Scott was a ESPN sportscaster who boldly battled cancer.  He has two girls whom he did everything for, they were his whole world.  He left a legacy of being thankful, following your dreams, never backing down, fighting for what you believe in, being honest, and always being real.  "That sense of surprise, that inablility to process the fact of a dad who was as conscientious as a mom-it's a sad commentary on what our culture expects from fathers."  Despite his very public and busy career, Stuart always made time for his girls and was often traveling with them.  Today our society expects a lot less from fathers and in turn is getting a lot less.  "Is there any feeling on earth better than what you feel when you watch your kid triumph at something?"  No matter what fame Stuart experienced his greatest acheivement was his two girls.  "That's something cancer does for you: It smacks you in the face with instant persepctive."  Facing death will give you persepctive and that's exactly what happened to Stuart.  You figure out pretty quickly what is really important, the people you love.  I enjoyed the honesty of the book and the battle to fight cancer.  It was an inside look at a person of fame and his character behind all that he did and accomplished.  

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