Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Born To Run

"Born To Run" by Christopher McDougall

If you love to run, or want to run, or even hate to run, you should read this book.  The book is tells the story of how we were made to run, born to run.  The book tells about a fascinating tribe in Mexico that run long distances for fun in sandals, skirts and blouses.  The book questions if our running shoes are what are really causing all the injuries to our bodies.  The author is witty and humorous yet manages to educate at the same time.  It was truly fascinating to learn about this lost tribe.  The book also tells of a great race between this tribe and a group of Americans.  I wanted to get out and run while reading this book.  It brought a new sense of excitement to running for me and taught me some things about running correctly.  Although the book did talk some about evolution, I disregarded that part as I know who created me and all of us.  For me it just confirmed what an intentional, amazingly creative God we have.  "That was the real secret of the Tarahumara: they'd never forgotten what it felt like to love running.  They remembered that running was mankind's first fine art, our original act of inspired creation."  I highly recommend this book if you want to learn more about running and how we were all born to run.

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