Monday, August 17, 2015

The Last Promise

"The Last Promise" by Richard Paul Evans

I like this author and have read a number of his books.  He writes feel good, easy read novels.  This novel takes place in Italy with an American girl named Elianna.  Everyone thinks she is living a fairy tale life but in reality her wanering husband is hardly ever home and she is left to care for the severly asthmatic son alone.  Elianna may be lonely but she is happy being a mother until a mystery man, Ross Story, comes to live in the same villa.  Ross has a past he's trying to forget but Eliana might just be the one who can break down his walls.  This story invloves loss, and love.  "If everything I have suffered was the price to bring you to me, then it was worth it."  Such sweet words and I believe that Jesus would say the same.  The cross?  Worth it to have you in heaven. (That's not in the story but I thought I would throw it in there as it sounded like something Jesus would say and it really all comes back to Him anyway.)

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