Monday, August 17, 2015

Before I go

"Before I Go" by Colleen Oakley

This was a great book, really great.  Another randomly picked book from the library and so worth it (but it does come with a warning of profanity usage).  A 27 year old woman named Daisy has just found out her cancer is back with a six month to live diagnosis.  With time running out and all her plans for her life taken from her she finds that what is most important is making sure that when shes gone her husband is taken care of.  This will lead her on a quest to find him the perfect new wife.  Her quest will leave her wondering about her love for her husband and his love for her.  The diagnosis will stretch their relationship to the point of breaking.  I like this story as it uses humor to address a very challenging subject and does it well.  "There wasn't enough room in our tiny house to hold all of our sadness, so I did everything I could to alleviate hers..."  You ever feel like you can't all be sad at the same time in the same house so one person has to act happy to help the rest?  "And how these memories act like kerosene on the fire of my love for him.  They engulf me.  Scorch the innards of my being."  "How hollow a tiny house can feel when someone is missing from it." People are what make a house a home.  "Like I'm a quilt with patches of him sewn into me."  "I'm already so self-reflective, introspective, so overanalytical about everything I say and do that there's nothing a stranger could ask me or tell me that I haven't already asked or told myself."  That might be my favorite line, probably because it's totally me.

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