Saturday, December 8, 2012

Remember Tuesday Morning

"Remember Tuesday Morning" by Karen Kingsbury

This is the final book in the 9/11 series.  It was my least favorite but it was still good.  It was a little slow moving at first and took some time to get into it.  But I'm of the type where I just want the main point to happen, forget all the fluff around it, who cares.  Once I got about half way through I blew threw it.  The book is about a young man whose father was killed on 9/11 and on that day his heart was killed too.  Alex leaves those he loves and becomes a policeman fighting crime so that no other family has to suffer the loss that he has.  His life doesn't matter, all that matters is putting the bad guys away.  But when he his own life is on the line and he realizes there is always another bad guy, Alex begins to ask if this is all there is.  Who can help Alex tear down the walls of his heart and find life again?  "She didn't understand that releasing her was maybe his greatest and final act of love, because it nearly killed him to do it."  Sometimes letting someone you go is the bravest thing you can do, and the hardest.  It is also often misunderstood.  "Healing was definitely happening when people could find their way out of the dark clouds of grief to love again."  Choosing life, choosing love after loss, that is what brings healing.  "You don't have to feel God to know He's with you.  The Bible tells us God is with us, and that's all the proof we need to know.  It's a fact.  Feelings or no feelings."  Sometimes our feelings get in the way of truth.

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