Saturday, December 8, 2012

One Tuesday Morning

"One Tuesday Morning" by Karen Kingsbury      
I have been wanting to read this trilogy for quite some time and it didn't disappoint.  I don't know how Karen can keep turning out such good books.  This is the first book of three and my favorite one.  It is about September 11th, that awful day when the world changed.  It is about the firemen who chose to go up the stairs when everyone else was trying to get out.  It is about loss and love and healing.  It is about a fireman who was thought dead and then turned up at a hospital with amnesia.  It is about love winning and God healing the broken.  "God's message for you here this morning isn't that everything will be okay here on earth, because it won't.  The rotten, sorrowful smell of death is still too strong among us for me to tell you anything but the truth.  But death will not have the last say.  For those who believe in Jesus-in a God who would cry alongside you-death will never have the last word."  This book reminded me of that fateful day.  It is easy to put that day in the back of our minds, especially for me who wasn't personally touched by that tragedy and who live on the other side of the states.  But hundreds lost their lives and for them that day will forever be etched on their hearts.  They live their lives in two separate categories, before and after September 11th.  I loved the perspective of this book, from those that lost loved ones.  It showed how hard it is to get past the anger of that day but how all the people whose lives were lost would want one thing, love to prevail, life to be lived again.  It's a book you wont want to put down.

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