Friday, April 27, 2012

Unplanned Journey

"Unplanned Journey" by Tanya Unkovich
I picked this book up in a bargain bin at the bookstore, I just can't help myself from a tragic story.  It is a true story of a women who finds herself in a life she never planned, a life where her beloved husband is dying of cancer.  The book was written from journals that both her and her husband kept through his battle.  It is raw and honest and beautiful.  "So don't let the written word from a doctor upset you.  The only written word that we have to check is from the Bible.  He is the great and divine healer, end of story, and I believe totally in Him."  These words were from her husband trying to bring comfort after they got news of the cancer.  And I love them because yes we go to doctors for help but God has the ultimate say and often in the most trying times His word is what we have to hold on to.  "In the face of emotion, don't move, welcome it."  So often we try and get out from under what we are feeling or stuff it.  Tanya learns that the best things to do is feel it, whatever it is, and then and only then will you get through it.  "Carry the cross with grace and strength."  We all have our own crosses to carry and I pray that I carry mine with the grace and strength of Jesus.  "I am thinking about how hard it is being alone.  God made Aden and Eve for a reason!"  I love this line.  I think God made us for community and being alone is never easy.  We were made to be with one another.  "It is such a relief to actually know and experience that no matter how bad you feel, these feelings do pass and all you have to do is go through them.  Attempts to escape them one way or another leads to more pain.  Just sit and be with these feelings and get up and just do it."  Again, feelings do pass, thankfully, we just have to move through them.  "Experience is not just the best teacher, it is the only teacher.  As we look back at our trials and hardships, we realize that, rather than being tragic and destructive, our difficulties have given us endurance, resilience, and patience.  This is the direct outcome of going through trials.  This is where hope comes from."

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