Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Bailey Flanigan Series

"Leaving"; "Learning"; "Longing" and "Loving" by Karen Kingsbury

This was a four book series and if you like Karen Kingsbury you won't be disappointed. These books are about Bailey, a daughter who has grown up and is now looking for the path God has for her. In the first book she is leaving home and spreading her wings. The second book she goes through some trials, searches for God in those trials and learns from them. The third book she longs for the promises God has given her and the final book is the fulfillment of those promises. I enjoy Karen's writing because it is so real and current. Also throughout all her books are the truths of God woven so beautifully in her stories. The final book didn't turn out quite like I had thought but it was true to life that sometimes how we see things are not what God has for us.

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