Friday, July 8, 2011

This Side of Heaven

"This Side of Heaven" by Karen Kingsbury
I have read books by this author before and really enjoyed her. She is real and honest about life but truthful about God's promises. This book is about a grown son who has made some poor choices. He has put his life on hold waiting for a settlement from being hit by a drunk driver. His parents are disappointed in him but they do not know all that their son has strived for. And sometimes we have to settle for the good, This Side of Heaven. This book took a turn that I didn't expect which I liked. It also opened my eyes yet again to never judge someone till I know the whole story and to actually take the time to listen. So often I pretend I am listening yet I am dividing my attention with a task also. I want to be a intentional listener, going deeper than just words. Don't miss the opportunity to listen to your loved ones, you never know when it will be to late.

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