Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Season of Miracles

"A Season of Miracles" by Rusty Whitener

This book was a quick, easy read and a lot of fun. It is about a man who looks back on when he was a boy in Little League, a summer that changed him. How finding a friend who wasn't like everyone else and remembering that winning isn't everything made him who he is today. The story was funny and heart warming. It read like a story that actually happened and was a peek into how little boys act and think. The book is going to be made into a movie and I am eager to see it. "I did want to believe. Believing in miracles is the first step. Believing in a personal Miracle Maker is the real hurdle." Everyone wants to believe in miracles and actually most probably do but believing in the One who did those miracles, another story altogether. "You never know what someones going through on the home front that makes them the way they are." I try and remember this so that I don't pass judgement on people. I just never know what they have been through and if someone is going to pass judgement on me I want them to know all the facts. "When unbelievers are nervous about going to church, it often means they see it as something formidable. That can be a good sign. They may be recognizing God as a real Power, and a gathering of his people as significant." Never thought of it that way but that is encouraging. "I was ready to stop talking and come back to this God stuff later. When you're young, there's always 'later.' When we're older, 'later' becomes 'some other time.' If we stall long enough, we might not have to bow down in this life. That's what we think anyway." But there will be a time when everyone will bow down and in this life it is never too late.

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