Friday, January 27, 2017

True Colors

"True Colors' by Kristin Hannah

Alright, bear with me, I'm going to be posting a lot for books by this author.  She's a new found favorite and I'm determined to read all her books.  I'll be going to the library today to pick up two more.
I enjoyed this book but not as much as the other two that I have read.  The story is about three very different sisters and their struggle to cope after their mother dies.  One sister is beautiful and loves to live her life on their ranch with the horses her mother loved.  The oldest sister is a career woman who is always seeking the approval of her father and she thinks she is always right.  The middle sister just tries to keep the peace.  When the youngest sister finds love against the wishes of the family and tragedy strikes it takes everything they have to stay together.  I enjoyed the book and how the author writes about the bonds of sisters and the strains that they experience.  "Cancer had come into their family and broken it into so many separate pieces it seemed impossible they would ever be whole again."  Tragedy will do that to a family.  It can either break us or make us and I think most often it does both.  There has to be a breaking before there is a making.  "As much as believeing in hope hurt, not believing would hurt even more."  Sometimes hope is all we have.  "Sometimes shit just hurts and that's the way it is."  Plain and simple truth of it.  "Scars are like that, she thought; they faded but never went away completely."  And yet, scars are what make us human.  Scars make us who we are and tell out story.  Everyone's story is important.  Everyone's story needs to be told.

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