Monday, April 13, 2015

Liz Here Now

"Liz Here Now" by Todd Connor

This is an Incredible book, make sure you get your hands on this one.  It is a true story about a little boy who grew up in a severly abusive home.  He lived in a wealthy family where what was done in the home was kept secret so as to keep up appearances.  The story took place in the '60's and his family had a maid.  This maid, named Liz, was the one person that cared and saved this little boy and his siblings.  The book was written to honor her and all that she did and was to this little boy.  One person can make a difference.  "What she didn't know was that such abusive cruelty that took only minutes of real time would inflict a lifetime of devastation."  What happens in a matter of minutes can affect one persons whole life.  "Desperation sometimes makes people do things without any thought to where the action might lead.  All we know is the next step to take, with no idea where that will lead or how to deal with the aftermath."  Sometimes it's a matter of survival, there is no time for thought, just action.  Liz took action out of a deep love for these children, not thinking of what might occur after her actions, just that she needed to do something.  "She always told us that everyone has a hero inside, but most didn't know it on the inside and so they couldn't show it on the outside."  It just takes one person to believe, one person to have the courage to speak up.  This book honors Liz for the courage and love she showed in saving these children.  It is a book that inspires the reader that one person truly can make a difference with God's help, that love can and does conquer.  It is also a harsh reality of what happens in too many homes to innocent children.  It is a cry for help that something needs to be done, that someone, many someones, need to do something.  

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