Monday, August 18, 2014

Hands Free Mama

"Hands Free Mama" by Rachel Macy Stafford

This book has some amazing truths and tools to help us mamas to be less distracted and remember and focus on what really matters.  The author found herself missing out on her life with her two children because she was distracted by technology and over commitment.  She decided that she was tired of living this way.  Rachel started to write about her journey on a blog and many readers felt the same and the book was born.  The book offers helpful tools and insightful questions to help the reader on the journey of being hands free.  In this day there are so many things that require our time we loose sight of who and what really matters.  "The answers were not easy-because grasping what really matters means going to the tender places in one's soul."  We have to take a hard look at ourselves and there we will find healing.  "Because I'm in it for the long haul, which means investing time, focus, energy, and love into the man I'm crazy about."  We can't expect our relationships to thrive and flourish if we don't invest in them.  It takes investing if we want it to last.  It's not easy but it is worth it.  "Today my child stands before me wanting, needing, and hoping to be chosen."  You can't get back today.  No phone call, text, email or app is worth it.  What you choose today will make a difference in shaping your children.  "For it is in the everyday moments, doing routine activities, that we create the past."  What we do today, what we choose, will be our children's past.  "The only thing that really matters is this: I am a loving mother to my children, and I am raising them to be kind and loving people.  And that is enough.  In fact, it's everything."  "Isn't it when we open the doors to our messy souls that the joy, laughter, and love can find its way in?  Isn't it when we show each other our scars that we love each other more?"  Being vulnerable isn't easy but it is when we can truly feel heard and close to a person.  I find the most connection with people who are real and who have gone through similar things.  It is so important to be our true selves, I believe it helps others be their true selves.  "Waiting for the perfect time and perfect conditions means waiting to live."  I don't want to wait to live, there isn't that much time.  Perfect isn't going to happen in this lifetime so we might as well begin.  "You are a good mom.  So you aren't perfect.  You make mistakes and even some poor choices.  Some days your patience is too thin...some days you allow negative thoughts to silence thoughts of gratitude...some days you aren't the mom you want to be.  But hear this, and remember it: When your children need defending, you defend.  When your children need comfort, you comfort.  When your children hurt, you hurt too.  So stop berating yourself.  Stop questioning yourself.  Stop shaming yourself.  And for God's sake, stop critizing yourself.  Stop wondering if you are enough.  Because you are."  I think every mom needs to paste this where it can remind them daily, you are enough.  We all make mistakes but we are good moms, we love our kids.  I found this book to be encouraging, insightful, and helpful.  It is a recommended read for all of us struggling to find balance in our lives.

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