Monday, May 12, 2014

Hope Conquers All

"Hope Conquers All" by Sona Mehring

This is a great and inspiring read.  It is written by the founder of CaringBridge.  It is a website that is used for people that have a life threatening illness or have been in an accident.  It is a way to update families and friends about how a person is doing.  I wish that it was around when a close friend of mine was in a car accident.  I was so overwhelmed by phone calls and after spending a whole day in the hospital I was too tired to answer them all.  CaringBridge lets you update when you have the time and reach lots of people at once.  In this book is stories from the people who have used the site.  The stories are touching and sad and hopeful.  The stories are about humans caring for humans in the hardest of times.  It is about bringing joy and hope where there is only darkness.  "You might think that you can't handle something emotionally or physically, but you're a lot stronger than you think you are.  You'll just never know that strength until you need it.  Just because you don't use it or because you don't recognize it doesn't mean that you don't have it."  When something unexpected and hard happens we find the strength we need at just the right moment, strength we didn't even know we had.  We do what has to be done.  We are all stronger than we realize.  "We could have power over the cancer as long as we didn't let it terrify us."  Fear has the power to immobilize us but when we decide to take action and not let fear control us is when we find courage.  "I needed to direct and control myself, because everything I did and said would have a tidal-wave effect on the people who surrounded me and whom I needed the most to help me get back to the new normal."  We all need the people around us and our attitude towards a situation will help to determine the attitudes of those willing to help.  "You grieve what you've lost every day, but you also have to treasure all you have."  It's ok to grieve what's been taken from you but never let that diminish all that you do have.  We have to choose to look at the blessings in the hard times, that is what will bring us out of the darkness.

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