Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Tell My Sons

"Tell My Sons' by Lt. Col. Mark M. Weber

The author served in the U.S. Army and found out he had stage IV intestinal cancer.  This book is about that fight and also it is a letter to his three sons about life and death and the lessons he learned.  Mark is a man with great courage and amazing perspective.  He was a fighter, a hero and most of all humble.  "I am proposing that 'can do' is often just one or two short steps beyond 'can't do,' and the territory in between is fertile ground for personal growth and professional achievement."  We have to push ourselves just a bit further, just a little bit beyond what we think we can, just a little outside our comfort zones and we find we really can.  "And success with humility comes (and will come) not by trying to be the best but by doing your best every time and letting the results speak for themselves-to others and to you."  When we do our best all the time it speaks of character, of not settling for less than what we are called to.  "In the end, laughing and crying are more like cousins than strangers.  They're how honest human beings respond to a life they allow themselves to love, and my hope is that you have plenty of tears in your lives-of all kinds."  This book was well written and had some good lessons in it.  It isn't easy to face ones early death and continue to be courageous, humorous, positive and uplifting but that is exactly what Mark did.  

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