Friday, August 2, 2013

The Sandalwood Tree

"The Sandalwood Tree" by Elle Newmark
This book takes place in India 1947.  An English family lives there and is trying to keep their family together amidst the violence.  The wife, Evie finds some old letters in their house and discovers a story of love and war.  She seeks to find out what the letters don't say.  On this journey she finds the keys to keeping her marriage and family together.  "Wanting is suffering.  Accepting is peace."  We always want more, even when we get what we wanted.  When we find contentment I believe we find peace.  "I have an idea the only thing that makes this life bearable is the beauty we create out of chaos-music, art, poetry, but most of all, living a beautiful life, however one might define that."  Bad happens and we are all dealt some pretty rotten cards but we can make the most of it and find beauty.  God always turns beauty from ashes.  "I smiled back, and we understood each other because everyone smiles in the same language."  Doesn't matter what language you speak, every one knows a smile.  Some things are universal like a smile and hug.  "It's not that the past doesn't matter, it's that the future matters more, and the present matters most of all." Living for today, that is all that we are promised.  The past can shape us, the future can give us hope, but today is a day worth living to the fullest.  Not the greatest book but certainly not the worst.  I liked how it really gave the reader a feel for life in India. I liked the intervening of two stories from two different times and how there is always something to learn from another.

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