Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Reluctant Journey of David Connors

"The Reluctant Journey of David Connors" by Don Locke

This book was a little strange, different from most books I read.  It is about a man who is a workaholic and is separated from his wife.  He doesn't know how to fix things and thinks about jumping off of a building.  But then his life takes a turn when he finds a carpetbag that magically creates gifts for people, gifts that people need.  David and a stranger go on a journey that will lead both of them to deal with decisions they have made in life and face what they fear the most.  I liked the book, albeit strange.  "From that day on I had stuffed those feelings of heartache and self-blame so deep within me that they appeared to be gone."  The funny thing is we stuff and stuff but one day they come out.  Sometimes we do not even realize why we are doing what we are doing but it is the emotions that we have stuffed so long ago coming out.  Stuffing is never a good idea, seems like it at the time, but it isn't.   This book spoke of redemption and showing ourselves and others grace.  I appreciated its message.

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