Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Forever Faithful

"Forever Faithful-The Complete Trilogy" by Karen Kingsbury
If you have been a follower of this blog you know that I enjoy Karen Kingsbury's books a lot.  This trilogy is a good one although with three books in one it is a rather large and heavy book totalling 1122 pages.  The first book, Waiting for Morning, is about a family torn apart when the husband and oldest daughter are killed by a drunk driver.  The wife seeks revenge and all that she can see is her hate.  The remaining daughter wishes that she had died in the accident and loses her will to live.  It is a story of struggle and how when tragedy happens God sometimes gets blamed.  But hope is found in the end when prayers are answered and forgiveness is given.  The second book, A Moment of Weakness, is about a couple making a fateful decision that changes the course of their lives.  It tells how sin can lead us down a path we never saw coming and how it affects so many people.  The book is also about our forgiving God and how He can turn beauty from ashes.  The third book, Halfway to Forever, brings the first two books together.  All the characters and in the final book.  Both couples have survived much but tragedy strikes again.  How will they all respond this time around?  Why is God doing this when they have already endured so much?  This book tells how glorious God is and how He has plans for good for all His children.  All three books were great reads and as always Karen uses very real life situations and emotions and shows how God is in it all.

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