Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Lineage of Grace

"A Lineage of Grace" by Francine Rivers
Francine is one of my favorite authors and I wasn't disappointed in this book. It is five books in one, five woman from the Bible and their stories. This is taken from the back of the book: Tamar-Betrayed by the men who controlled her future, she fought for her right to believe in a loving God. Rahab-A woman with a past to whom God gave a future. Ruth-She gave up everything, expecting nothing, and God honored her. Bathsheba-Her beauty stirred the passion of a king. Her pain moved the heart of God. Mary-All eternity had been waiting for this moment. She responded in simple obedience to God's call. This book was fascinating and beautifully written. It left me wondering why I don't read the Bible like how I sped read through this book. And these woman of the Bible are truly inspiring, I can not wait to meet them one day. All of these woman are in the lineage of Christ. It didn't matter where they came from or the mistakes they made. God can use us all. This is a must read!

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