Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Divine Romance

"The Divine Romance" by Gene Edwards

This was an interesting book. It is a story of creation through the resurrection from the perspective of the angels. I think the author took a lot of liberty in this book and tried to make something that is beyond explanation, explainable. But he did have some interesting points to ponder. "I keep a list of all the things He has said He would fulfill, do away with, abolish, void, bring down, conclude, destroy, or annihilate! It grows, I might add, almost daily." Matthew is saying this of Jesus. Jesus has done away with so many things like laws and rules and sin and death. "In His eyes, she was perfect. And, in His eyes, all His rivals-and all her enemies and suitors-no longer existed." Here he is talking about us being the she. In God's eyes we have already been made perfect and all the worldly distractions are no more. Oh to really feel like what He sees. I know I feel far from perfect and I continue to battle the things of this world and this flesh. I also like how the author explained the cross and how all things, ALL things, were crucified with Christ on that day. And since then ALL things no longer have power over us any more. We must live as new creations. Words to live by.

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