Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sunrise Series

"Sunrise"; "Summer"; "Someday" and "Sunset" by Karen Kingsbury

This was a great series. I really like the author. The were easy reads but kept you intrigued, wanting to read more. It is about a close knit family, the Baxters, and all the trials that they go through in their individual lives. It is about how a family comes together in times of trials and in times of joy. It really is a beautiful thing. The first book talks about new beginnings as a couple is getting married. "Marriage is certainly a time of new beginnings, as anything can be when we allow God to work. An anniversary, a birthday, a first of the month. Since we are subject to a forgiving and gracious God, we ought to be intimately familiar with new beginnings. New beginnings are crucial if we're ever going to find victory in our life with Christ." I love that we can find new beginnings in anything and really every day is a chance to start anew. The second book is about a testing of faith and the third book is about a reconciliation. "They had complemented each other, and now-even into death-they would complement each other in this. That each of them would spend their days knowing they'd become the person they were because of the other." I love growing old with my husband and going through all that life has for us. I know that I couldn't do it with out him and to God I am thankful for giving me such a wonderful partner and I pray that we would continue to become who Christ has us to be because of the other. Book four is about redemption, love and healing. "God, we come to this place not sure of what's next. So lead us, please. Whatever is said today, give us the right words to bridge the gap between us, the strength to see tomorrow on the other side of today, and the grace to love each other no matter what." Isn't that a great prayer? I love that prayer. "A marriage isn't something you lose. It's something you work to keep...or it's something your willingly let go." Oh if we could only remember those words we would have a lot less divorce. "In the process of forgiveness, people needed to think the best of each other also. Otherwise thee could be no progress at all." Remembering that my spouse, or whomever hurt me, has a good heart helps me to forgive so much more easily. After I finished these books I realized that there are two series previous to this one. So if you get the chance read those first. I am going to try and get my hands on them too!

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  1. Corrie, I liked this series too. I read the second one first, then managed to borrow the rest of the set to read them in order and really enjoyed them. It felt like I was reading about very close friends each time I picked it up. I love this blog and your reviews. I wish I had done the same, or at least written summaries, through all my years of reading. You are such a sweetie! Love, Aunt Sue