Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Severe Mercy

"A Severe Mercy" by Sheldon Vanauken

This book was given to me by my friend, as she is a big fan of C.S. Lewis. This book includes 18 letters to Sheldon from C.S. Lewis. This is a story of a mans journey to Christianity, his love for his wife and his grief in loosing her. It is a touching book of love given and lost. It is an interesting book as to how Sheldon came to research Christianity and thus became a believer. It takes a lot of mind power and thinking to read this book as all who are in it are scholars or writers of some sort but it is good because it does get one to start thinking. Sheldon and his wife make a pact to never let anything or anyone come between their love for one another. It is a beautiful thing that they attempt and even more beautiful when it is God the Maker of love that comes between them. Sheldon deals with his grief in such a touching manner, trying to find the meaning in his wife's death and trying to carry on her love of God. This book is proof that when one seeks God they will find Him and that He works all things, even the death of someone we love, for good.

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